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North Carolina Insurance FAQ

FAQ: Does Business Insurance in North Carolina Cover Lawsuits?

Ask an Agent

North Carolina businesses can be sued at any time, for any reason. Find out when and how your business insurance covers lawsuits with FAQs about coverage in North Carolina.

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Heavy surf at Wrightsville Beach, NC, USA, as a result from Hurricane Irma's storm surge.

How to Prepare for a Hurricane in North Carolina


Since North Carolina's plenty familiar with stressful natural disasters like hurricanes, it’s a good idea to be prepared long before a storm warning ever pops up on the news. Take this checklist of how to prepare for a hurricane into consideration before disaster strikes to ensure the safety of your home and belongings.

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What does business insurance cover in NC

What Does Business Insurance Cover in North Carolina?

Lines of Insurance

Businesses face tons of risks daily. Beyond just having a bulletproof staff and the latest technology, it’s crucial for business owners to also purchase the right kind of coverage. Working with a North Carolina independent insurance agent is the best way to get set up with the right business insurance for your unique needs.

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